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Eurovision 2014

#Eurovision2014 :

My dearest and sincerest congratulations to #EurovisionArmenia I hope you win this year! I love your song. Also hope it sounds that good live!#EurovisionSweeden I also do hope you win aswell!

What will stand out:
#EurovisionAustria : A beautiful transvestite with a ballad! Actually, wanna see how it sounds live.
#EurovisionDenmark : Very balkan like OneDirection Group.
#EurovisionGermany : You surprised me! Very folky! Very different! Love your singer!
#EurovisionLatvia : Latvians you are crazy. I hope you bake your cake well! I love your crazy songs!
#EurovisionLithuania: Your studio version freakin ROCKS! Please sound good live!
#EurovisionPoland: What the hell were you thinking? Haha! The videoclip is randomness at its maximum.
#EurovisionRomania : Very impressive club song! It will be a hit in clubs! You will score #TOP5 if you sound good live!
#EurovisionUkraine : 3 words. Hot hot hot! I love the presentation. Please sound good live!
#UK: I wish you won last year. It was extremely unfair.

Comments for #EurovisionGreece #EurovisionCyprus:

Greece: You don’t sound good live. Perfect studio version. Work on it and you’ll score #TOP5

Cyprus: Megali ntropi pou den pame. Exume toses spoudees fones stin kipro ke anti na epileksete kapian pou tha pigene dorean epileksate na min pame katholou. Next year, yep listen carefuly, next year, you call up this beautiful person called Narcissus A-Ngel. Cause she actually loves her country and wants to represent it at Eurovision!

Being Alive - Gamer Mode

The realization that being born is nothing else than an unlimited co-op subscription to life. 


1. Multiplayer mode is switched on 24/7 .

2. Auto-save occurs every night.

3.Region chosen randomly ( maybe altered later on in the game depending on how much $ you collect. )

4.The more $ gained ,the more your health and stamina bars increase.

5.Will be able to reproduce 12-13 years in the game.

6.Nobody else will be able to view your screen so choose interactions wisely. 

7. To gain intelligence : Go to School . Read books. Research. Study.

8. To gain strength: Exercise. Eat Healthy.

9.Fun : Optional perk. The more you build toward fun the more sociable you will be. The more friends you’ll gain.

10.Relationships : Optional perk. (WARNING: Might experience intense positive and negative feelings) Use cheat code ILoveMySelfMoreThanYou and tap A repeatedly  to reverse side effects!

Gaining $:

Work.Think Smart. Be a step ahead of people.


You are responsible for your own actions at all time! Play safe.


-All memories of life on planet Earth will be deleted upon elimination. Restart will occur promptly. So whatever you do, unless you change the world, won’t matter once you die. 

The poems I come up with - The Obsessive Lesbian

If not perfect, then I’m perfectly me.

If not normal, then I’m normal to me.

If curious, I never offend.

If horny, I simply have sex.

You judge and you hate, when all I gave is love.

But when you sleep at night, it’s me in your heart.

When we had sex, it was awesome ,it’s true.

Then you couldn’t let go, you made me turn cruel.

I miss being random and laughing with you.

But you had to turn into a bitch,
Now the joke is on you.

So while you are cool and making friends with my ex.

I think of you with a smile,
And hope you two wed.

Its trully amazing
How lesbians obsess.

I know I’m too perfect
So, I dont blame you , I confess.

I’m still a flirty prince
Who roams in the stars.

You could have been somewhere near
But you chose to go afar.

I do not forgive
The shit that you said.

Just writing this poem
So the feelings can end.

Man…I’m good…
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